About the laboratory

Information about the laboratory in the collection "Science of the Future"

Objectives of the creation of the laboratory

The design and implementation of new principles of terrestrial and aquatic  locomotion. Practical evaluation of vehicles that use these principles.


Main research objectives of the laboratory:

1. Conducting research in the field of theoretical mechanics and mechatronics aimed at developing new methods of locomotion  (terrestrial and aquatic ).

2. Improvement of the education quality at  UDSU by organizing a leading scientific school, professional development of lecturers and involvement of undergraduate and graduate students in the scientific work.

3. Development and realization of innovations based on the conducted research.


Priority direction:
Transportation, aviation and space systems


Critical technology:
Technology of implementation and control of novel types of transportation systems


Laboratory staff:

The educational and research activity of the laboratory is supervised by the leading Russian scientists: D. V.Treschev, Academician of the RAS,  V.V. Kozlov, Academician of the RAS, prof. L.P.Shilnikov, PhD.


The main participants of the project belong to the two widely known scientific schools of theoretical mechanics: 1) V.V.Kozlov’s school; now the Institute of Computer Science of the Udmurt State University serves as its informal headquarter and 2) A.A.Andronov’s school of nonlinear oscillations founded in Nizhniy Novgorod.


The laboratory is comprised of the following sections: theoretical section, non-holonomic mechanics section, vortex dynamics section and engineering section.